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Indoor Soccer Classes

Olympika Gymnastics Presents:
Our premier speed and agility program focuses on ALL athletes (k-12) who are looking to enhance their overall athletic performance, as well as skills needed for their individual game! This program is overseen by trained coaches from OLYMPIKA gymnastics. Our goal is to work with the participant by encouraging them to be well-rounded, successful athletes who can perform at their maximum potential. Our 10-week program will focus on:
Class size is limited & split by age groups. This is our 6th winter of training!

Cost: $150 per athlete for 8 sessions (1hr class). For registration and/or questions please email olympikanj@gmail.com We have classes for age groups 3-5 years old and 6-8 years old

• Dynamic warm up & mobility training • Rapid response foot drills • Strength and conditioning • Plyometric & core training • Technical training • Acceleration/deceleration drills • Overspeed/resistance training • Balance & coordination training • Flexibility training & injury prevention • Increase endurance & stamina